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CyberCop 3.0 guards servers

Network Associates' updated intrusion detection software protects corporate servers by securing Web and file servers, according to the company.

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Network Associates today rolled out the newest version of its intrusion detection server.

Due to ship by month's end, CyberCop 3.0 is intrusion detection software that protects corporate servers by securing Web and file servers through an automated process of detection and response, the company said. The software can be used to strengthen the potency of existing firewalls, according to Network Associates.

The new server runs on Microsoft Windows NT and Sun Microsystems Solaris operating systems.

If an unauthorized user attempts to modify content, a feature of the software alerts the administrator and kicks the intruder off, while allowing authorized individuals to edit and change content files.

The Watchdog-in-a-Box technology detects and attacks tampering, such as illegal privilege escalation, illegal Web site content modification, and illegal logins.

With the automated response feature, intruder actions trigger automated responses, based on the system administrator's specifications, such as terminating offending processes, terminating offending login connections, and disabling offending accounts.

Audit trail query and reporting features investigate security breaches, suspicious user activity, policy violation, and resource utilization, providing a record of when misuse is detected.

Company executives said that as security threats continue to grow, Network Associates is aiming to provide integrated systems for protecting corporations from malicious intruders.

"With CyberCop Server's prevention, detection, and response features, corporations have the most effective solution for Internet Security management available today," Gene Hodges, vice president of marketing for the Santa Clara, California-based company, said in a statement.

Network Associates said it will ship the new server as part of its CyberCop Intrusion Protection suite, which also consists of CyberCop Scanner, a risk assessment tool, priced at $15 per user for 1,000 seats.

Network Associates was created by last year's merger between McAfee and Network General, a network management firm.