Corel debuts analysis tool

The software maker's new release is an online analytical processing tool designed to boost corporate productivity.

Corel (COSFF) today announced the launch of Corel Resero, its new online analytical processing (OLAP) tool for reporting and analysis of corporate data.

It also is the first product in Corel's Enterprise line of software to boost corporate productivity.

Resero is designed for use on corporate intranets so users can retrieve data instantly, then analyze it and extract valuable information.

No pricing has been set for the software. It will be priced on a "case-to-case basis," said Corel spokeswoman Nicole Sanford.

The product launch follows a turbulent period for the Canadian software maker. Corel also recently abandoned plans to create a Java-based suite of office productivity software.

In late September, Corel stock dropped more than 20 percent after the company reported losses of $32 million for its third quarter and announced it was selling off its Computer Aided Design (CAD) division.

Corel sold the rights to its CAD software products to International Microcomputer Software for $5.6 million in IMSI stock and cash.

IMSI acquired the rights to CorelCAD Modeler, CorelCAD Technical, CorelFLOW, Corel Click & Create, Corel Lumiere, Corel Family Tree Suite, Corel Family Publisher, and Corel Personal Architect.