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Controversy comes calling for Intel

New York launches antitrust probe into Intel, trash talk rages on between One Laptop group and the PC crowd, and more.

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Another front opens in the battle between Intel and archrival Advanced Micro Devices. Other hot-button issues for the chipmaker include laptops for kids and Windows Vista.

New York launches antitrust probe into Intel

State attorney general says formal investigation will focus on whether Intel coerced customers to exclude AMD processors.
January 10, 2008

Trash talk between One Laptop and the PC crowd rages on

The OLPC's Nicholas Negroponte may have skipped over a rift with Intel in a CES speech, but others weren't inclined to hold back.
January 9, 2008

Intel CEO mum on Vista's impact

Given his history of taking on all questions, the unexpected silence from Paul Otellini on the Microsoft OS seems a sure sign of Intel's displeasure.
January 8, 2008

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Intel chief sees Net boosting consumer electronics

Otellini predicts during his CES keynote that the Internet's impact on the PC industry is about to play out again in the consumer electronics market.
Photos: Otellini envisions an always-connected world
January 7, 2008

New PC platforms from Intel will face hurdles

The benchmark results are suitably impressive, but the products--especially "Skulltrail"--depend on other tech to help them achieve their full potential.
January 7, 2008

Mobile Penryn: Early test results

Performance gains aren't immediately evident. Intel is really just laying the foundation for architectural advances due later in the year with Nehalem.
HP updates the Pavilion HDX with Penryn
Toshiba jumps on the Penryn bandwagon
January 7, 2008

Nvidia announces new chipsets, Hybrid SLI

The new NForce 700-series products are AMD-only designs, but they also bring about Hybrid Power (for laptop gamers) and GeForce Boost (for mainstream desktop types).
January 7, 2008

Intel, AMD toss in their chips at CES

AMD has much less to say, given that its priorities center on fixing the Barcelona and Phenom processors, but it will talk up its upcoming Puma notebook platform.
January 7, 2008

Dirk Meyer, the man to watch at AMD

news analysis He's being groomed to succeed CEO Hector Ruiz. But first, he must prove that last year's engineering snafus were an aberration.
January 3, 2008