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Just drop some sarcasm? Your computer might pick it up soon

Joined by Yahoo, a group of researchers wants to help computers understand your most ironic wordplay. As if.

Don't take that tone with me, Laptop.
Valery Sharifulin/Getty Images

Is it time for your medication or mine? Please keep talking; I always yawn when I'm interested. Earth is full; go home.

If you're a human person, you might immediately understand the sharp tone of sarcastic mocking pregnant in these most obvious of sarcastic zingers. If you're a computer, or a robot or not so great at social cues, then maybe not. A group of researchers out of the University of Turin, joined by Yahoo, wants to help change that, with computers at least.

They released their research earlier this month on the science publishing site ArXiv.

Automated programs that can parse through social media posts, for example, and correctly sort intentionally cutting remarks from the genuine could get a better handle on public opinion, according to Scientific American. And that can help organizations a lot.

This isn't the only project dedicated to helping computers understand the so far uniquely-human characteristic of acerbic expression. Back in 2010, researchers from Jerusalem's Hebrew University came up with a sassy algorithm to similarly mine public opinion -- SASI, actually, (for Semi-supervised Algorithm for Sarcasm Identification).

Are we really ready to teach computers to identify our lowest form of wit? Yeah, totally. <Eyeroll> Bring it on.