Compaq reworks Deskpro line

Compaq launches new models in its Deskpro PC lineup, including new Pentium MMX-powered systems.

Compaq Computer (CPQ) today launched new models in its Deskpro PC lineup, including some that incorporate Intel's Pentium MMX technology.

The company said the new models also include new six-speed PD-CD optical drives that work three times faster than standard drives. The new machines will also automatically notify users of new Compaq software updates and other technical information by way of a new messaging agent called the Info Messenger, the company said.

To its low-end Deskpro 2000 line, Compaq has added the model 6180/2500/CD which includes a 180-MHz Pentium Pro processor, 32 megabytes of RAM, a 2.5 gigabyte hard drive, and a CD-ROM drive for $2,180.

New to the Deskpro 4000 series are two new models, offering similar features to the 2000 model plus LS-120 drives that offer greater storage capacity than standard 1.44MB floppy disk drives. The new models, 5200/2500/LS and 6180/2500/CDS/LS, are available with a range of processors, from a 133-MHz Pentium, which sells for $2,300, to a 200-MHz Pentium Pro, which lists at $2,460.

Compaq added five new models to its high-end Deskpro 6000 line. The models include Pentium Processors with MMX technology and 6X PD-CD drives, as well as 650MG of storage capacity and the ability to read CD-ROM technology. List prices start at $3,270.