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Compaq recalls adapters

Compaq begins a worldwide recall of some AC adapters that work with its Armada 4100 laptop computer line.

Compaq Computer (CPQ) has launched a worldwide recall of some of its AC adapters that work with the company's Armada 4100 laptop computer line.

The recall is limited to adapters bought between September 23 and November 20. The adapters may have defective connector pins that could cause an electrical shock. The computer itself is not affected by the adapter problem. The recall is voluntary.

Compaq said that up to 75,000 adapters could be recalled worldwide, but that the recall will not have a material affect on its quarterly financial results.

The company also said in a statement that no customers have reported injuries related to the faulty adapter, but, through internal testing, it was determined that a voluntary recall was a necessary preventive measure.

Only adapters with part number 217984-001 on the bar code label and three hollow connector pins in the recessed connector are affected.