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Compaq dealing with it

Despite being knocked around by the recession and a brutally competitive PC market--not to mention the turbulent HP-merger proposal--Compaq is managing a run of significant deals.

Despite being knocked around by the economic downturn and a brutally competitive PC market--not to mention the turbulence surrounding the Hewlett-Packard merger proposal--Compaq Computer manages a run of significant deals, nabbing contracts with Ericsson, American Express, General Motors and GE, among others. The deals may be a sign that Compaq customers are taking the HP-merger confusion in stride. Compaq lands big-budget deals
In the two new contracts, the computing giant will supply servers to defense contractor Raytheon and manage installed hardware for cell phone maker Ericsson.
December 19 
Compaq inks deal with American Express
The computing contract will no doubt boost the PC maker's sales. But is it also a sign that corporate clients are becoming more comfortable with its proposed merger with HP?
November 29 
Compaq wins Postal Service contract
The company will help deliver the mail as part of a multibillion-dollar hardware and services contract over the next five years.
October 11 

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Blaming the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in part for worse-than-expected sales, the company warns that it will post an operating loss in the third quarter.
October 1 
The not-so-quiet battles within HP
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December 14 
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Analysts say Hewlett-Packard faces a rocky road, as it works to survive a sour PC market while combining Compaq business units that are quite similar to its own.
September 5