Comdex 2000: Back to the future

PCs and parties, chips and dip--it's all here at Comdex in Las Vegas. Highlights include a preview of the convergence of computing and consumer electronics, Intel's new Pentium 4, and new handhelds and laptops.

CNET News staff
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Thousands gather for the annual event as the high-tech industry undergoes sweeping changes. Those inside and out of the sector are looking to the trade show for clues to the PC's uncertain future.

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Kodak introduces interactive 3D images
Dan Carp, CEO of Eastman Kodak

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  ""There is no Old Economy. There is no New Economy. There is only the Digital Economy, and we must champion mobility."

- EDS chief executive Dick Brown

Industry heavyweights square off in Las Vegas

Lifestyles of the not so rich and famous
While the money and attention at Comdex focuses on the main convention floor, scores of smaller companies and niche markets spend the week pitching their wares in comparative obscurity across town.

Home networking gets charged up
A pipe dream is about to turn into reality: connecting PCs and other electronic devices to the Net by plugging them into existing power outlets in your home.

Comdex: Lost in space
reporter's notebook Las Vegas is the epicenter of the technology world for one week each year, and every year the main topic is the difficulty in connecting to the outside world.

Transmeta's not enough, IBM says
IBM says it suspended plans to come out with a Crusoe-based notebook because the chip didn't provide real gains in battery performance.

As the wireless world turns
The desire to bring the Internet into every corner of people's lives works its way wirelessly through the Comdex trade show.

Dubai bids to become tech oasis
One of the seven members of the United Arab Emirates launches an intensive industrial campaign to become a center for e-commerce, software development and hardware in the Middle East.

EDS: Know your fundamentals
keynote The rising death rate of dot-com companies proves one thing: Companies can't lose sight of basic business practices if they want to survive.

PC powers eye consumer electronics
news analysis PC manufacturers have tried, and often failed, to carve out a niche in the consumer electronics market, but this time the effort could be for real.

Intel may license Pentium 4 chipset tech
The chipmaker is negotiating licensing deals regarding its new Pentium 4 processor with chipset manufacturers to secure a smoother supply of necessary parts.

Ellison to Microsoft: Your software is too complex
keynote Oracle's chief executive takes aim at his favorite punching bag, taking shots at Microsoft's software and once again predicting the death of the PC.

Ballmer to Ellison: Your vision is fuzzy
Oracle CEO Larry Ellison's vision for the future of computing, according to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, won't work.

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Get down and dirty on the floor of Comdex 2000
Melissa Francis, CNET News.com TV
No rest for the tech fanatic
Melissa Francis, CNET News.com TV

Rob Enderle
Giga Information Group
Is the Tablet PC ready for the consumer market? (2:41)
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Get a closer look at the Tablet PC shown during Sunday's keynote. (0:25)
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Tablet PC demo continued. (0:45)
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• HP debuts Net-enabled laser printer

• Xerox, Compaq demonstrate wireless printing

• Dell package targets gamers, CD makers

• Corel jazzes up Web-based email

• Cisco pushes Net access in airports, hotels

• Cell phone: PC of the future?
• Compaq working on wireless to go

• Palm teaches old dogs new tricks
• Intel, Transmeta don battle gear
• Microsoft to Palm: BMW to Volkswagen?
• Dell: Hardware's here to stay
• Redmond sings in C#
• Fiorina's vision: Internet everywhere
• Cell phones, handhelds cozy up
• Microsoft to sell Office as subscription service
• Nvidia takes graphics chip to laptops
• OmniSky expands wireless services
• McAfee.com eyes business market

• Gates: Long live the PC
• Toshiba server appliance to debut next year
• Gadgets, PCs and Barenaked Ladies
• New HP laptop waiting for wireless
• Gateway, AOL unwrap Web appliance
• Casio taps Transmeta for notebooks