CNET News Daily Podcast: You only need 250GB of downloads a month, says Comcast

Cable Internet provider outlines bandwidth usage cap policy; Apple and AT&T might allow tethering of the iPhone; and Nintendo Wii sales continue to propel the company forward.

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Erica Ogg

Do you download more than 250GB of data per month? If you're a Comcast customer, you'll likely want to get out of the habit--quickly. Beginning October 1, the Internet provider said customers that use more than 250GB per month, per account will get their account disabled. It's got a lot of people in an uproar. Make sure to check out Webware.com's coverage of the news.

Also on Friday's podcast: Apple and AT&T could be looking at a plan to allow tethering of the iPhone, Nintendo Wii sales continue to propel the company forward, and is Napster for sale?

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