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CNET News Daily Podcast: PayPal's short outage cost millions

When PayPal goes down, businesses do too. We get CNET News' Stephen Shankland on the horn to talk about it and other headlines of the day.

We get Stephen Shankland on the phone to talk about PayPal's big outage Monday that cost the company millions in lost or delayed transactions. We also talk about new features coming to Google's Chrome browser, the next generation of memory cards, and WiMax coming to more U.S. cities.


Today's stories:

PayPal suffers from e-commerce outage

Clearwire to bring WiMax to 10 more markets

Twitter warms up malware filter

Toshiba plans 64GB SDXC memory cards for 2010

Denial-of-service attack downed Gawker Media

Report: Apple tried to silence family over exploding iPod

Military to get priority Google Voice accounts

FTC continues probe of Google-Apple tie-ups

Chrome gives Google bookmark sync religion again