CNET News Daily Podcast: Meet Chrome OS

Google gives the world its first real look at what its upcoming Chrome OS is all about--and how it actually works. Also in today's podcast: Windows 7 sells like hotcakes, AOL trims down for the holidays, and more tech news of the day.

Jennifer Guevin Former Managing Editor / Reviews
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Jennifer Guevin

Today, Google released the source code for its Chrome OS project and gave the public the first real look at how the new operating system for Netbooks will work. CNET reporter Tom Krazit calls in from Google headquarters to give us the scoop.

Also in today's podcast: a computer glitch at the FAA caused nationwide flight cancellations and delays; Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says Windows 7 is selling better than any previous version of Windows; and AOL looks to shed about 2,500 workers and its MapQuest division.


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Computer glitch slows U.S. air travel

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Yahoo adds photos, tweets to news search

Best Buy starts Black Friday craze a week early

Next year's Flip will do Wi-Fi