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CNET News Daily Podcast: Light Peak to replace USB?

On the podcast: The potential end of USB, AT&T and Google trade barbs over net neutrality, Microsoft makes touch typing work on touch screens, and more.

Intel is creating, with Apple's apparent prodding, a new fiber-optic-based replacement for traditional copper-based computer connections to peripheral devices. Could it be the connection protocol for USB 3.0? Plus: AT&T calls Google a hypocrite, Microsoft lets you touch-type on a featureless blank slate, and more.


Today's stories:

Will Intel and USB make fiber optics mainstream?

AT&T calls Google a hypocrite on Net neutrality

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey invested in Foursquare

Nokia acquires 'social atlas' service Dopplr

Microsoft gets cleverer with multitouch screen keyboard

GeoEye gives look at Iranian nuclear site

Google adds anchor links to search results

Apple App Store hits 2 billion downloads, 85,000 apps

Apple taps second iPhone partner in U.K.