CNET News Daily Podcast: Facebook, Google open competing services

Facebook Connect and Google Friend Connect open to the public within moments of each other; Firefox plug-in turns Amazon.com into piracy heaven; and former WorldCom CEO Bernie Ebbers asks for commuted sentence.

Jennifer Guevin Former Managing Editor / Reviews
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Jennifer Guevin

Facebook announced its Facebook Connect registration and marketing service today. And moments later, Google rushed out an announcement to journalists that it is making its competing service, called Friend Connect, available to Web site operators.

A new Firefox plug-in turns Amazon.com into piracy heaven for people looking to download music, movies, and other digital content for free. Also in this podcast: former WorldCom CEO Bernie Ebbers has asked President Bush for commuted sentence; Sun calls on a 13-year-old program to compete with Flash and other Web app programming tools; and a new free application makes searching easier for iPhone users.

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