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CNET News Daily Podcast: Checking in with the Hydrogen Road Tour

Also, alleged NASA hacker gets a reprieve; what might be behind iPhone 3G problems; and are the days of tax-free music download coming to an end? Those stories and more in today's podcast.

One analyst thinks the connectivity trouble some users are having with the iPhone 3G might be caused by the phone's chipset. If he's right, the problem could be a big hassle for Apple and customers.

If a current trend continues, electronic invitations might supplant traditional paper invites for formal occasions. Would you consider sending electronic wedding invitations? Take our poll and let us know.

A caravan of 11 vehicles kicked off the Hydrogen Road Tour in Portland, Maine, on Monday to educate U.S. consumers and policy makers about hydrogen and fuel-cell vehicles. Reporter Martin LaMonica checks in to explain how hydrogen-powered cars work and what organizers hope will come of the cross-country tour.

Those stories and more in today's podcast.

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Today's stories:

Alleged NASA hacker gets temporary reprieve

Analyst: Infineon chipset possible cause of iPhone 3G issues

States may tax iTunes, other digital downloads

Allman Brothers sue UMG for 'digital exploitation'

CNET, CEA back Consumer Sentiment Indexes

Hydrogen Road Tour rolls across America

Yahoo reportedly settled on Icahn directors

Digital invites suit up for black-tie affairs