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CNET News Daily Podcast: Blackberry hacked, 4chan blocked, iPad unwanted

On the podcast: Blackberry vulnerabilities, Verizon blocks 4chan sites, the space station gets a new bay window, and more.

Think your BlackBerry is immune from the security threats you've been hearing about on other smartphones? A Veracode researcher has demonstrated spyware that allows someone to steal a stranger's contact list, read text messages in real time, and track the location of the phone. The smartphone's vulnerability can be turned off, but researcher Tyler Shields says the problem is that, on the BlackBerry, "The security models are inadequate because they trust by default."

Also: China busts hacker ring; Jobs' keynote dims iPad enthusiasm; Endeavour blasts off to deliver new window to space station; and more.


Today's stories:

BlackBerry has spyware risk too, researcher says

Verizon blocked some 4chan sites

China breaks up Black Hawk hacking ring

PayPal suspends service in India

Survey: Majority of people don't want an iPad

Nook back on sale

Linux founder endorses Google's Nexus One

Bids are in for AOL's sale of ICQ--it's down to 'UN' of 4 buyers

Israeli gas stations to swap Better Place car batteries

Endeavour streaks into space in final night flight