CNET makes picks for Target

Starting now, CNET's putting our badge of approval on aisle signs in Target stores and on Target.com to make our expert, impartial opinion easy to find for more people.

Lindsey Turrentine EVP, Content and Audience
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Lindsey Turrentine
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CNET Target in-store tag
CNET editors have picked the best Target products and awarded them a CNET seal. James Martin/CNET

We're pretty busy reviewing almost every device known to man here at CNET, so we don't write about ourselves very often.

So please indulge me for just a moment while I promote something new for CNET: starting now, we're putting our badge of approval and links to reviews on aisle signs at Target stores and on Target.com. The goal? To make our expert, impartial opinion easy to find for more people.

You're reading this now, so you already know where to find CNET opinions. But if you or a less-tech-savvy friend find yourself standing in front of a selection of devices at Target and you haven't done your research yet, you can look to CNET displays to find ratings on the top-25 devices that Target stocks in stores and 300 of the products for sale on Target.com. (And if you'd like to see Executive Editor John Falcone's top-10 picks from the Target aisles, see his list on Target's own blog.)

Scan the QR code on an in-store tag, and you'll see the same ratings that we've run on the CNET site paired against the products we think are the most interesting for Target's shoppers based on ease of use, style, and value. (And because I know at least one of you will ask: nope, no one paid us to do this, and no manufacturer got a say in which products we picked.)

This is the first time CNET or any other major tech publication has made expert opinions available on-site in a store, so we're pretty proud of our partnership. We hope the collaboration makes shoppers smarter and better informed about the devices they buy.