CNET is hiring. You should join us

As part of our largest expansion since the 1990s, CNET is adding more than 150 new roles.

Lindsey Turrentine EVP, Content and Audience
Lindsey Turrentine is executive vice president for content and audience. She has helped shape digital media since digital media was born.
Lindsey Turrentine
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James Martin/CNET

CNET, newly a part of Red Ventures, is making moves to reinvent the modern media model. We'd like you to join us.
For the media industry, the past two years have forced changes both uncomfortable and necessary. Some outlets have laid off employees. Some new publications have been born. Some have been jettisoned or acquired. CNET has flourished, growing quarter after quarter.

During 2020, CNET spun off from its old parent, ViacomCBS. We landed with Red Ventures, a rapidly growing, privately held digital media and marketing company based in South Carolina just across the border from Charlotte. Now, more than a quarter century after CNET helped establish online journalism, Red Ventures is investing heavily in our brand so that we can bring our time-tested journalism, video and advice to a larger audience. We're doing this work from locations across the country and the world, including San Francisco, Louisville, Detroit, New York, Charlotte, London and Sydney with many roles fully flexible and remote.

Reigning as the No. 1 tech news site with close to 60 million monthly unique users, CNET has grown rapidly over the past two years. Now we're doubling down, hiring 150 more writers, producers, editors, engineers, artists, media sellers and thinkers to help us build a media brand for the next generation. We're serious about helping our audiences understand the rapidly changing world as they make hard choices, but we're also serious about being great people to work with, and about enjoying ourselves along the way. 

We could highlight this job (Director of Video Production) or this job (Motion Graphics Designer/Animator) or this job (Science Writer) as our coolest listings, but there are so many that we can't choose just a few. Please browse for yourself and then come join us for the best media job you'll ever have, with a supportive team of coworkers who care about each other, the world and the importance of fact-based news and advice.