Claris revenues at all-time high

Claris announces record revenue of $91.1 million for its fourth quarter, making FY97 total revenue the company's highest annual figure to date.

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Claris, a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple Computer( AAPL ) announced today record revenue of $91.1 million for its fourth quarter which ended September 26.

This highest-ever quarterly revenue brings Claris's total revenue for FY97 to a record $281.7 million, the company's highest annual figure to date.

Claris credited its record quarterly revenue largely to outstanding sales of the new Mac OS 8 operating system, which it sells as part of its role as the worldwide distribution and sales arm for Apple Software. Sales of Mac OS 8 in the first two months already make it the best-selling Mac operating system in history, the company reported.

Claris's impressive figures come as the company's traditional core Macintosh developer audience has begun migrating to the Windows market as the viability of the Mac market decreases.

Claris, maker of ClarisWorks and FileMaker Pro, develops software for both Mac and PC platforms. Independent surveys earlier this year ranked FileMaker Pro as the second-best-selling stand-alone PC database in North America and Japan, thanks to FileMaker Pro for Windows' significant growth.

Claris's revenue from Windows products grew 52 percent in fiscal year 1997 versus the previous year.

Quarterly revenue was up 61 percent from revenue of $56.6 million in the same quarter last year. Annual revenue rose 19 percent above the revenue of $236.2 million in the previous fiscal year.

And even though the company does not disclose profit figures, Claris said it has logged 20 consecutive profitable quarters, and has achieved record profits in the fourth quarter and FY97.