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Claris Home Page in beta

Claris releases a beta upgrade of Home Page, the Web authoring program acquired recently to mark a shift to the Internet for the Apple division.

Claris, a division of Apple Computer (AAPL), has released a beta upgrade of Home Page, the Web authoring program acquired from a small Silicon Valley software maker in June.

Claris's acquisition of Home Page earlier this year marked a shift in strategy toward the Internet. The company is also building Internet connectivity into its popular FileMaker database and ClarisWorks application suite. Home Page 2.0, which will run on Macintoshes and PCs running Windows 95 or NT, will include the following new features:

--Resizing and positioning of frames by clicking and dragging with the mouse.
--Remote saving of all site files to a server via file transfer protocol.
--Drag and drop conversion of tab-formatted text from spreadsheets and databases into HTML tables.
--Custom height and table width settings.
--Support for client-side image maps.
--Preview of background GIF images.
--Spell-checking, support for multiple fonts, and color-coded HTML tags.

Home Page 2.0 will support QuickTime and Shockwave as well as Java. No specific plans have been announced to support ActiveX, but Home Page product manager Chris Nalls said he is committed to it in the future.

The Home Page 2.0 beta will be available in mid-October. Final shipment is due in December.