Chizen on Google: 'Today we don't compete'

Adobe CEO says Google will likely be a big player, but his company will keep its edge with host-based applications.

Charles Cooper
Charles Cooper Former Executive Editor / News
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Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen recently met with CNET News.com to discuss his company's acquisition of Macromedia and changes he sees in the technology world. During the interview, he offered insights into the role he expects Google to play.

Q: Does Google figure in your thinking as a possible rival down the road?
Chizen: I like to think that as broadband does become faster and faster and faster, Adobe will be able to provide host-based applications in a much better way toward our customers than what Google is able to do. I think Google will be successful for the nonprofessional or the nonenthusiast that aspires to use the same tools as the professional, but as long as we do our job, I think we'll continue to be successful against Google. Today we don't compete.

Q: What do you think they'll want to acquire?
Chizen: They're going to acquire big stuff...I think maybe in China as they are everywhere else in the world...I just don't see them thinking applications. They weren't focused on that.

Q: There has been speculation that they're trying to build their own browser or there's been speculation they want to build their own kernel.
Chizen: Which all make sense with the sole purpose of getting more traffic to their site, to continue to enhance services to users, so they'll make more money on it. That's my take, but you know, they're a tough company to predict.

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