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Chipset ushers in next generation

Via Technologies announces the first chip set line that allows PC vendors to build PC97 compatible computers.

Via Technologies, a supplier of chipsets for personal computers, has announced the first chipset line that allows PC vendors to build PC97-compatible computers.

PC97 is a Microsoft initiative establishing the minimum design requirements for the next generation of personal computers using its operating systems. PC97 guidelines cover next-generation PC designs such as the Simply Interactive PC, a sealed-case consumer PC being billed as the ultimate easy-to-use personal computer.

Specific PC97 technologies that Via supports in its new chipset include a new high-speed hard disk drive specification and a new power management technology.

The chipset, along with the processor, forms the core electronics of a personal computer.

Via's chipset supports the Ultra DMA 33 specification, which delivers faster data transfer rates for IDE hard disk drives, and the Advanced Configuration Power Management Interface, or ACPI, which brings notebook PC-class power management to desktop PCs.

The chipset also includes support for new Windows95 Universal Serial Bus (USB) technology.

The VT82C586B chipset from Via is a replacement of all its currently available Pentium- and Pentium Pro-class chipsets, allowing PC vendors to instantly update their existing motherboard designs to comply with PC97 specifications, the company said.

Production quantities of the VT82C586B are available now. Chipset pricing ranges from $20 to $35.