Chipmakers push ahead with new tech

IBM wants gear makers to get into Cell, Intel heads online and AMD pushes software skills.

CNET News staff
Intel set sights on chips to ease online sharing of music, films and games, as AMD looks into helping computers run several operating systems simultaneously.

IBM wants gear makers to get into Cell

Program offers technical services and consulting to gadget companies to persuade them to use the multicore chip.
March 30, 2005

AMD tries to round up Pacifica support

Chipmaker discloses details behind its forthcoming virtualization technology, hoping to get developers onboard.
March 30, 2005

Transmeta to detail reorg plan tomorrow

blog It's got a track record of losing money. If it's going to keep producing microprocessors, it'll need a strong partner.
March 30, 2005

New high-end Xeon processors debut

Chipmaker introduces first high-end models to include 64-bit features designed to easily accommodate large amounts of memory.
March 29, 2005

HP drops eight-processor Xeon servers

Top seller of servers using x86 processors follows rival Dell with decision to retreat from selling models using eight processors.
March 29, 2005