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Chipmakers nip and tuck

roundup AMD tinkers with advanced transistor technology and likes what it sees. Intel starts the month at a fast clip, debuting new Celeron chips and other gear.

roundup Advanced Micro Devices tinkers with advanced transistor technology and says higher performance is the result. Intel, meanwhile, starts the month at a fast clip, releasing new Celeron processors and a Wi-Fi adapter, and putting the finishing touches on Pentium 4 products.

Researchers at Advanced Micro Devices report significant gains with new techniques that the company says will lead--eventually--to higher chip performance.
April 2, 2003

Intel releases two new Celeron processors for desktops, as two new chipsets from the company wait in the wings.
April 1, 2003

The chipmaker begins selling a Wi-Fi adapter, broadening its entry into one of the more popular segments of the tech industry: wireless networking.
April 1, 2003

Advanced Micro Devices and Fujitsu will combine their flash memory operations in a new company to cut costs, lower prices and speed up production in a difficult market.
March 31, 2003

The chipmaker has started shipping its first new 90-nanometer chips in small quantities, making it one of the first few companies to approach mass production.
March 31, 2003

Global chip revenue drops 3.3 percent from January's level, but an industry group still expects the sector to show strong performance in the second half.
March 31, 2003

The company says it has a prototype of a flash-memory chip that could help the flash industry overcome looming technical hurdles.
March 30, 2003