Chip market buzzing

AMD matches Intel price cuts, while Motorola introduces speedier PowerPCs and Intel indicates it will move aggressively with its StrongARM line.

CNET News staff
As it's done for a year and half, Advanced Micro Devices matched Intel price drops by lowering processors to undercut its rival by 25 percent. Meanwhile, Motorola introduced speedier PowerPCs for the Macintosh, while Intel indicated it will move aggressively on the intelligent device market with its low-cost StrongARM line.

AMD keeps its distance
lead story Just has it has done for over a year and half, Advanced Micro Devices has adjusted its processor prices to undercut Intel's by 25 percent.

Intel dives into new chip line
update After some ambivalence, Intel moves full speed toward selling and developing inexpensive StrongARM chips for handhelds, cell phones, and the like.

Fastest PowerPC chip debuts
update Motorola introduces 366-MHz PowerPC processors, which use less power and should be included in Power Macs soon.

450-MHz chip spurs Intel cuts
update The reductions are the latest in this year's flurry of pricing activity by Intel.