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Chinese regulator calls for tighter oversight of Apple

Watchdog wants greater supervision of the iPhone maker's consumer-right practices in the wake of state-run media reports critical of the company's warranty policies.

Apple store in Shanghai, China.
Jay Greene/CNET

A Chinese marketplace watchdog is calling for tighter supervision of Apple's consumer-rights practices as the state-controlled media continued its assault on the iPhone maker's after-sale policies.

The State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued a notice today that urged authorities to increase supervision of Apple's warranty policies, according to a report on China National Radio's Web site.

"Local authorities should investigate and punish illegal acts according to law," the notice said, according to state media reports.

The wave of criticism against the iPhone maker began earlier this month during a TV segment on state-run network China Central Television Station that claimed Apple repaired only broken or otherwise faulty parts within its products for customers in China, versus providing replacements in other countries. Apple responded by saying it fully complied with local laws and regulations.

The state-run People's Daily followed up with a story criticizing Apple for not responding to interview requests on the issue. It also referred to the company's statement as "empty and self-praising."

In another report, the People's Daily complained that Apple's "Chinese consumers are being given a rough ride" when it comes to dealing with the company's repairs and warranty policies" and described Apple's defense of its policy as "arrogant."

CNET has contacted Apple for comment and will update this report when we learn more.