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China's new dynasty

Companies target mainland to survive global slowdown.

By Michael Kanellos
Staff Writer, CNET News.com
July 9, 2002, 4:00 AM PT

BEIJING--After years of being called a sleeping giant of technology, China is finally awakening.

As its society changes and education system matures, the country is becoming a major consumer and producer of computer products. And as the global recession leaves few fertile opportunities elsewhere, China has emerged as a primary target for foreign business.

This special package, reported from Beijing, examines the various reasons that this may eventually be known as China's high-tech century.

Day 1: Power of the people


Editors: Mike Yamamoto, Lara Wright
Copy editor: Desiree Everts
Art: Melissa Parker, Ellen Ng
Production: Ben Helm

Power of the people
In many ways, China is akin to 19th century America: a booming nation starved for products and driven by a new generation of entrepreneurs.
Tapping brainpower
The country's sheer numbers and ambitious work ethic are producing thousands of engineers--and U.S. companies are recruiting the best of them.
Software comes of age
A new crackdown on piracy has given Chinese companies a chance to compete effectively in the software market for the first time.
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