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CES: Tazzle IT sends content from BlackBerry to PC

The new Tazzle IT device can wirelessly send e-mails, attachments, and other documents stored on a BlackBerry to a PC for easier access.

LAS VEGAS--BlackBerry owners now have a way to send content directly from their phones to their PCs.


Introduced this week at CES, the new Tazzle IT device connects a BlackBerry to any Windows PC via a Bluetooth connection, allowing people to send e-mails, file attachments, documents, photos and other files to their computers for easier access.

BlackBerry owners install the Tazzle app on their phones and computers and then plug the Tazzle USB stick into the PC for instant BlueTooth pairing. Once the connection is established, people can not only send content from their phones but also directly view and print that content on the PC.

The demo at CES worked smoothly. The pairing was fast, and the files selected on the BlackBerry transferred to the PC fairly quickly. With security a key concern for many BlackBerry users, the Tazzle rep told me the device uses a built-in hardware firewall and secure software. By default, the files sent from the phone to the PC aren't physically downloaded onto the computer. So once the document is closed on the PC, all traces of it are gone. However, people can save a copy of the file on the PC if they wish.

The company is targeting the Tazzle both for BlackBerry users who want to be able to quickly work with content from their phones and IT administrators worried about BlackBerry devices directly accessing their networks. Right now, Tazzle works only on the BlackBerry, but support for Android devices is being targeted for the second quarter. Apple iDevice owners are out of luck, though. The Tazzle rep said that the closed nature of the iPhone leaves it out of the running for now.

The Tazzle IT device sells for $79.99 at the company's Web site, while the app itself is available for free at the site or on BlackBerry App World.