CES: Sony debuts touch-screen Wi-Fi universal remote

Sony has announced a new touchscreen Wi-Fi universal remote, capable of controlling compatible Sony products via Wi-Fi, rather than infrared.

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Matthew Moskovciak
Sony RMN-U1 universal remote
Sony RMN-U1 universal remote Sony

LAS VEGAS--Sony introduced its new HomeShare audio streaming platform with wireless iPod docks and wireless speakers, and it also rolled out a new touchscreen Wi-Fi universal remote to control them: the RMN-U1.

The RMN-U1 is capable of controlling new Sony HDTVs and home theater products over Wi-Fi, using their built-in DLNA compatibility. Of course the catch is that all your other gadgets will still need to be controlled via infrared, which the RMN-U1 can handle as well.

Sony is also promising a slick user interface, using activity-based commands (think: Harmony), plus eye candy like album art showing up on the remote screen.

Sony says the RMN-U1 will be available in March with a list price of about $300. That's a lot to ask, especially when the outstanding and established Logitech Harmony 900 is available for about the same price.