CES: Share tot pics with Samsung BabyView monitor

Skype-compatible BabyView has SD recording so you can upload pics and video of your kids and share with friends.

Tim Hornyak
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Tim Hornyak
Samsung Techwin America

LAS VEGAS--If your baby isn't getting enough attention at home, he or she can get more love on social-networking sites like Facebook with a new high-tech baby monitor from Samsung Techwin America that records images.

The company announced its BabyView at the Consumer Electronics Show here, touting the SD card recording of audio and video data for easy uploads to social networks.

With USB compatibility, the monitor can plug into a computer running Skype and act as Webcam, so friends anywhere on the Internet can check in on your child.

Various versions of the system have two-way talk, sound and vibration alerts, as well as infrared night vision and nightlight functions, a temperature sensor and alarm, and digital zoom.

If you can't get over to the crib to soothe your little one, the camera can play up to four pre-programmed lullabies.

The basic system consists of a lightweight handset monitor with a 2.4- or 3.5-inch screen and one camera, with up to three more available as add-ons. The handset has a range of 350 feet.

The BabyView goes on sale in spring 2011, and models will be priced from $199 to $299.