CES: New Dell XPS 17 adds 3D

Live from Dell's CES 2010 press event, the Dell XPS gets outfitted with optional 3D.

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Scott Stein

Dell XPS 17: now with 3D.
Dell XPS 17: now with 3D. Dell

LAS VEGAS--As 3D continues to infiltrate all things at CES 2011, should we really be surprised that the Dell XPS followed suit? Not really, but it is a nice new option on the top end of the XPS lineup. With its high-end GeForce graphics, the XPS 17 should certainly be able to handle the load. We assume, based on the photos we've seen, that the XPS uses Nvidia 3D Vision with active shutter glasses.

There are a few more tweaks to last year's model as well: new Sandy Bridge Intel processors, of course, but also new Nvidia graphics and even a different keyboard.

  • CPU i3/i5/i7 Sandy Bridge Dual core and Quad core
  • The i7 version now supports Optimus, unless configured with the optional 3D FHD panel - this uses the discrete GPU full time
  • Wide FHD WLED display (1920 x 1080 resolution) option
  • Configurable with the latest NVIDIA 500 series mobile graphics
  • The i7 Quad core supports Wi-Di and can stream up to 1080P
  • The XPS 17 supports the full Stage experience on all panels
  • Now features the popular chiclet keyboard
  • All the other great enhancements the XPS line offers, like A Skype HD certified Webcam, JBL speakers and Waves Maxx audio

The new Dell XPS 17 will start at $1,449 and be available on February 1, 2011 in the U.S., and may vary in other parts of the world.