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CES: LG's otherworldly '3D' speakers

LG announced the HX996TS home theater system yesterday, featuring a futuristic-looking design and top-mounted drivers to create a more immersive sound field.


LAS VEGAS--Samsung has definitely led CES 2011 in unusual home theater designs, but LG's HX996TS home theater system is no slouch with its futuristic look.

LG announced the 5.2 home theater system at its press conference yesterday, touting its "3D" sound. The 3D moniker may be gimmicky, but the HX996TS speakers have some interesting design choices, with the tower speakers having top-mounted drivers for what LG calls Vertical 3D Effect Channel.

The system also includes two subwoofers (not pictured), a feature rarely seen on all-in-one package systems. LG also touts its "Cinema Dome Effect," which is a digital sound processing mode designed to create a more immersive sound. There are plenty of similar effects on many other systems, so we'll have to have a listen to see how it stacks up.

LG hasn't announced a release date or pricing yet, so we'll have to wait until later in the year for more details.