CES: House of Marley brings a new level of style to headphones

The legacy of Bob Marley has come together to launch a series of headphones with Rasta style and planet-friendly underpinnings.

Jasmine France Former Editor
House of Marley earbuds
House of Marley

LAS VEGAS--Though not entirely new, House of Marley's stylish audio lineup turned plenty of heads at CES 2011. Taking a closer look at the headphones, I can see why. Sure, fashionable headphones are all the rage these days, but the Jammin', Freedom, and Destiny lines manage to stand out thanks to the principles championed by the company.

It all starts with renewable design materials such as bamboo, leather, FSC-certified wood, recycled aluminum, and (of course) hemp. Each pair of headphones is also tested for durability, and a portion of the sale is donated to 1Love, an organization that focuses on charities that benefit youth, the planet, and peace. Further, the company has admirable--and lofty--plans to create job opportunities in third-world countries by teaching sustainable manufacturing methods. Naturally, the packaging is recyclable as well, and it will feature a message encouraging users to dispose of the product and packaging in a thoughtful way.

As for the looks and sound parts of the equation, the Jammin', Freedom, and Destiny headphones are no slouches there, either. The earphones manage to look sleek while retaining the earthiness associated with the Marley family. The audio response curve is geared specifically to cater to the deep bass present in reggae music.

The House of Marley audio products are currently available for preorder on the company's Web site. Earbuds range in price from $30 to $100, whereas full-size headphones start out at $60 and max out at $300.