CES: Aluratek mobile speaker streams music wirelessly

Portable Bump speaker wirelessly streams your music from iTunes or plays songs downloaded onto an SD card.

Lance Whitney Contributing Writer
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Lance Whitney

LAS VEGAS--Your vast collection of iTunes music is safely stored on your computer. But how can you listen to it when you're away from your PC? The folks at Aluratek have one solution.

The Bump can pump your music wirelessly.
The Bump can pump your music wirelessly. Aluratek

Aluratek is demoing its new Bump portable speaker at the CES this week. This round, portable speaker wirelessly streams music from your PC so you can listen to it anywhere inside your house. Just plug the 2.4GHz USB transmitter into the speaker, power up your PC, and the music can reach you at full quality from as much as 60 feet away.

Though the Bump is small, its speaker does a nice job of blasting the music through, at least from the demo I heard. The device runs on a lithium ion Polymer battery and is compatible with both PCs and Macs.

The standard Bump model, AUWS01F, retails for $79.99, while the $99.99 AWS01F edition includes a built-in FM tuner and an SD card slot so that you can download music and play it on the go.

More price-conscious consumers will like the $49.99 Bump AMS01F with the FM tuner and SD card slot but no wireless, and the $19.99 APS01F, which acts like a standard speaker by physically plugging into any MP3 player or media player.

All flavors of the Bump are available for consumers via Aluratek's Web site and at a variety of online and offline retailers.