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CES 2008: Closing thoughts

Phil Hester, AMD's chief technology officer, takes a look back at this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

First, special thanks to CNET Networks for the opportunity the company granted me to sound off from CES. I thought I'd end this series with what I'll be thinking about on the flight from Las Vegas to Austin, Texas:

• Even as we rapidly introduce new technologies, existing innovations are maturing and increasing in quality and affordability.

• Wireless connectivity is de facto for electronics, and connectivity devices are driving personalized and affordable new options.

• We live in an increasingly visual world and HD is renewing the potential and interest in technology.

• Appealing holistic technology solutions are merging information and entertainment content and devices.

• Green technology is a requirement not a trend.

• Average consumers are seeking simple, integrated technology solutions that don't require an engineering degree to set up.

The chaos and craziness is drawing to an end. We, the humble (and just a little weary) show-goers, are returning to the "real world." In the next year, we'll see how consumers embrace the new technologies unveiled over the past four days and separate hype from reality. See you next year.

Phil Hester is senior vice president and chief technology officer at Advanded Micro Devices, responsible for setting the architectural and product strategies and plans for AMD's microprocessor business.