CD-R gets juked

DISC says it has created the first jukebox to support Sony's newest recordable CD drive.

DISC (DCSR) says it has created the first CD-R jukebox that supports Sony's newest recordable CD drive (CD-R).

The DISC jukebox, which is designed for enterprise applications, allows users to save and retrieve large files without the complicated commands and staging processes required by previous CD-R drives, the company said.

CD-R drives are capable of both reading and writing large amounts of data, a significant improvement over typical CD-ROM drives which can only read data. CD-R drives can, for instance, be used to distribute data and for electronic publishing.

The DISC jukebox uses the Sony CDU 924S-1 drive and its new file system makes CD-R as easy to use as a hard disk, the company said.

The new file system allows small "packets" of data to be written to disc without first requiring the data to be prepared on a large hard drive. DISC states that its jukeboxes have a reliability rating of 2 million MSBF (Mean Swaps Between Failure).

Up to 32 Sony drives can be installed in each jukebox, and multiple drives can be connected to each SCSI bus.

The new jukeboxes will ship this month, with prices varying according to storage capacity.