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Casio camera packs more features

The company is expected to announce a new high-resolution digital camera for $799.

Casio is expected to announce a new high-resolution digital camera for $799, the latest digital camera from the consumer electronics company.

The new Casio QV-7000SX is similar in its features to the existing QV-5000SX. The new Casio will offer a 1.3 megapixel resolution, 8MB of memory, an optical viewfinder, and 2X digital zoom.

Megapixel cameras offer at least one million pixels per image, which results in pictures of much higher quality, approaching traditional camera prints.

The new camera can be glimpsed in the latest edition of the Office Max catalog, according to digital camera analyst Carl Holec of ARS.

"I've run across [unannounced] products in their catalog before, because they only do their catalog once a quarter," Holec explained. Casio could not be reached for comment.

Holec speculated that the new camera will include an expandable memory feature, unlike the QV-5000SX, which offers internal memory. Memory on a digital camera works much like film in a traditional camera, storing the digital images until they are downloaded onto the user's PC.

"Casio is more of a consumer electronics company: They have extremely good distribution," Holec said, noting that Casio has lost some of its market share as the consumer digital camera space has exploded. "Their image quality hasn't been as good as say, Kodak, but they do have some pretty good features," like built-in panorama images and mini-movie features.