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Carl Icahn to take up stake in Dell, says CNBC

Unnamed sources say the businessman will have a 6 percent stake and that he's urging the computer maker not to go forward with the buyout proposed by Michael Dell and investment firm Silver Lake.

Donna Tam Staff Writer / News
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Donna Tam
Carl Icahn

Carl Icahn is building a 6 percent stake in Dell, as the computer maker prepares to go public, CNBC reported today.

Unnamed trading sources told CNBC that Icahn has almost 100 millions shares and is urging Dell to pursue leveraged recapitalization instead of the buyout proposed by Michael Dell and investment firm Silver Lake.

CNET has contacted Icahn's company, Icahn Enterprises, for comment. The CNBC report said Icahn "wouldn't discuss Dell or any rationale he had for the investment."

Leveraged recapitalization is one of the suggestions made by Dell's top shareholders last month, shortly after Dell announced plans to go public with a $24.4 billion deal. Instead of the buyout, which investors said undervalues the company, leveraged recapitalization would let the company raise money by borrowing funds.

Icahn's reputation precedes him. His investments in some companies, including RJR Nabisco, Texaco, Lionsgate, Western Union, Take-Two Interactive, Yahoo, and Blockbuster were followed by management shakeups and proxy fights.

Update, 12:51 p.m. PT: Adds more background information.