Canon's mainstream standard-def flash camcorders

The 2009 models are more compact and a little cheaper than last year's, but otherwise more of the same.

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Canon FS22
The FS22 comes in shiny black. Canon USA

In addition to introducing a cheaper model into its standard-definition SD-card-based camcorder lineup, the FS200, Canon is offering updated versions of its FS10/11 models from last year. The FS21 and FS22 will likely offer more aggressive pricing and definitely sport more compact bodies than their predecessors. Though they both use the same 1.07-megapixel CCD and 48X Advanced Zoom lens, each offers another 8GB built-in memory--16GB in the FS21 and 32GB for the FS22. The latter also includes a wireless remote.

New features that Canon introduces include Video Snapshots, 4 second clips used to create a "highlights reel" effect (the camcorders ship with a music CD); quick charges in 10 minutes per half hour of battery life; an electronic lens cover and video light; 3-second prerecord; and Dual Shot for capturing photos while shooting video.

Price and availability are still TBD.