CA, Novell to manage networks

Computer Associates will increase its emphasis on partnerships and openness in managing networks and systems, CEO Sanjay Kumar reveals.

CNET News staff
Interop Computer Associates (CA) has announced a partnership with Novell (NOVL) to integrate their management products.

The relationship, hinted at during CA president Sanjay Kumar's keynote address here and announced after the speech, highlights increased emphasis on partnerships and openness. The company's Unicenter product offers a monolithic approach to managing networks and systems.

Kumar noted CA's work within standards committees and the company's move to adopt Web-based management protocols to let browsers launch Unicenter TNG. He said the Web era brings a new set of complex problems to managing a distributed network but added that his company was eager to address the challenges.

"We want to take advantage of the very animal we want to control," Kumar told the packed hall. "The Internet for us is very key for management."

Kumar also hinted at a new product from the company's Cheyenne Software division that will be able to recover components of Web-based applications, such as ActiveX controls and HTML-based Web pages.

As part of the Novell deal, CA will introduce a new version of Unicenter optimized for NetWare and IntranetWare environments. The companies will also resell each other's products as preferred enterprise (Unicenter) and local area network management solutions (Novell ManageWise).