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CA extends management apps

Computer Associates adds new capabilities to its management software, partnering with PageNet to extend automatic notification of problems to paging devices.

Computer Associates added new capabilities to its management software today, partnering with PageNet to extend automatic notification of network and systems problems to paging devices.

CA and PageNet plan to jointly develop and market an application that runs on the company's two-way pagers and displays information from CA's Unicenter TNG management suite of software, allowing an administrator to respond with commands when a system alert is received.

No pricing or availability details were offered, though CA chairman and chief executive Charles Wang said the enhancement to Unicenter is currently in beta, with only packaging issues remaining. The paging capability will be offered as an option on top of Unicenter.

"It's great to partner with a company that has the power CA has," said John Frazee Jr., chairman, president, and chief executive of PageNet. "There's almost no business that shouldn't use our combined services."

Using a PageNet two-way pager optimized with the application, a mobile administrator could view his or her pager screen as a mini Unicenter "console," allowing the administrator to react to a problem and designate the appropriate technician to handle the issue, for example.

"This partnership and the opportunity is tremendous for both companies," Wang said.

CA also launched two new software enhancements for Unicenter: a Data Transport Option (DTO) and Enterprise/Remote Site Management (E/RSM).

The E/RSM tool, detailed at a retail systems conference in New Orleans, allows devices such as point-of-sale terminals to receive updated software information and includes the systems in an overall Unicenter-based management scheme.

The DTO tool calculates the most efficient path for administrators to use when managing activities or delivering information to a remote location from a centralized information technology department.