CA buys trouble-shooting tools

Computer Associates acquires new tools that will allow it to offer more predictive analysis of potential trouble spots.

Computer Associates (CA) acquired new tools today that will allow the systems management and database giant to offer more predictive analysis of potential trouble spots.

The company announced it has acquired AI Ware, a privately held Beachwood, Ohio-based firm, for an undisclosed sum.

AI Ware makes two products--CAD/Chem and Process Advisor--that offer analysis of large volumes of data, allowing a network administrator to address problems before they effect network or system performance.

CA executives said the acquisition will allow them to deliver new features in their Unicenter systems management suite and Jasmine object-oriented database.

"It's a competitive advantage," Marc Sokol, CA's senior vice president of advanced technology, said. "It's an area where we can help out customers in ways they haven't even thought of."

As an example, the functions could provide a warning to a network administrator using Unicenter when a hard drive is near capacity and due to crash. Within Jasmine, the technology will allow users to more rapidly manipulate the variety of data stored in the database in "data mining" situations.

AI Ware's approximately 20 employees will join CA.