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Welcome to One More Thing, my personal blog on everything and anything related to Apple and the evolution of mobile computing.

Tom Krazit
Tom Krazit Former Staff writer, CNET News
Tom Krazit writes about the ever-expanding world of Google, as the most prominent company on the Internet defends its search juggernaut while expanding into nearly anything it thinks possible. He has previously written about Apple, the traditional PC industry, and chip companies. E-mail Tom.
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Apple CEO Steve Jobs usually waits until the end of his keynotes to deliver the real news. We'll start from the start.

This post kicks off One More Thing, a personal blog in which I'll share with you my take on Apple, the chip industry, and the gradual evolution of mobile computing as the PC starts to look more and more like the clock radio. It's going to be a combination of news and commentary, mostly on Apple but also on the chip industry and the development of the truly mobile computer.

If you're looking for a general sense of what I'd like to impart through this blog, take a look at what I wrote on iPhone Day. This blog is going to focus mostly on Apple, since there's probably no other single topic we write about at CNET News.com that gets people talking like Apple. But as influential as Apple is at this point in history, there's a much bigger world out there that's helping to shape the future of computing.

Also expect to see my thoughts on the ongoing tussles between Intel and AMD, two companies I've followed closely for more five years. I'll also watch how the rest of the smart phone industry responds to how the iPhone has resonated with the general public. I've been told I'm not supposed to rant about the state of the Mets' middle relievers, but we'll see.

This is not going to be purely objective; from time to time I'm going to take stances based on my knowledge of the industry, conversations with those whose viewpoints I respect, and my gut feeling. But I'm not going to walk out on the pundit plank with hefty morsels of link bait just for the sake of stirring up controversy. There's plenty of that to go around as it is.

I welcome comments and suggestions. I ask (perhaps foolishly) that we try to keep every Mac OS X post from descending into the usual "Fanboys Gone Wild!" madness. Believe me, I'm keenly aware of the passion that Apple brings out among our readers, both for and against. But let's try to keep it civil. Apple's not a perfect company, but they aren't just making widgets for the iSheep either.

So, let's get started.