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Business.com launches business-to-business site

After venture capital firm eCompanies paid $7.5 million for the domain name in November, the site launches offering businesses industry-specific information.

Business.com launched today, offering businesses industry-specific information, including news, market data and other online services.

The business-to-business site is backed by venture capital firm eCompanies, which made headlines in November for paying $7.5 million for the Business.com domain name. eCompanies was founded by former Disney Net chief Jake Winebaum and EarthLink co-founder Sky Dayton.

Company officials have touted the site as the one-stop source for business information on the Internet.

"We have built a vast--and growing--directory of business Web sites that will help you find the information you're looking for," Business.com announced in an email. "By the end of June, the site will evolve even further, including business and industry news, detailed profiles of thousands of companies and our own take on 60 major industries."

The name Business.com was purchased by an unnamed entity for $150,000 through a company called idNames.com. eCompanies bought the domain name from Marc Ostrofsky, a Houston-based entrepreneur. Ostrofsky became an adviser to the company through the purchase. Winebaum has since served as interim chief executive of Business.com.

Analysts say the new company is attempting to mirror the Yahoo Internet business sites, but warn of competition. Yahoo and Excite, both traditional business-to-consumer portals, are developing their own business-to-business information sites that will compete directly with Business.com, said Tim Clark, an analyst with Jupiter Communications.

Although Business.com will not directly handle online transactions between suppliers and manufacturers, the site will integrate tightly with its sister site Change.com, also an eCompanies start-up, which supports its online commerce transactions. Companies that want to sell or buy goods will be able to link through Business.com to Change.com and do their transactions there.