Buckling down on broadband

Congress considers how to update 1996 Telecommunications Act, as a Texas utility readies Net service via power lines.

CNET News staff
As Congress considers ways to update the 1996 Telecommunications Act, a Texas utility gets set to try a novel way to deliver Internet service.

Texas to get broadband over its power lines

Current Communications teams up with a Texas electric company to offer broadband Internet service over power lines.
December 19, 2005

Broadband bill hews to laissez-faire line

Republican senator's proposal aims to block overzealous government regulation of broadband, other communications.
December 19, 2005

Net wiretapping plans under fire

perspective More evidence the FCC believes it can rule the Internet by administrative decree: the growing backlash against its wiretapping regulations.
December 19, 2005

Rural living, high-speed Internet access?

Maine's governor is leading an initiative to bring wireless service to areas with at least five people per square mile.
The New York Times
December 19, 205

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AT&T doubles up on DSL speed

The SBC Yahoo DSL Expert Plus service features download speeds of up to 6 megabits per second, double the speed previously offered.
December 13, 2005

Can Wi-Fi make it in Manhattan?

NYC lawmakers are looking at 802.11-based Wi-Fi to give the city's roughly 8 million citizens access to broadband.
December 12, 2005