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Broadband problems? Have some cash, says Ofcom

Engineer hasn't turned up? Here's £30.

Cash compensation could take the sting put of missed engineer appointments.
BT Openreach

How annoying is it when you stay at home for a phone company appointment and they don't turn up? Pretty annoying. So Ofcom wants to take the sting out of these annoying events by giving you money back for every missed appointment and delayed repair.

The UK telecoms regulator today proposed that you should receive compensation automatically when landline and broadband companies are slow to install or fix your phone or broadband. Ofcom suggests you should get £6 for every day you have to wait for a new service to be set up, £10 for every day your service is broken, and £30 for every missed or cancelled appointment.

The watchdog reckons up to £185m would be paid out each year, each payment coming to you either in cash or as a credit on a bill.

"We shouldn't pretend the level of compensation proposed will be enough to make up for missing a day's work," says Richard Neudegg, Head of Regulation at "But even at a modest level of compensation per user the collective financial burden on providers will increase the pressure to improve service."