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Brazilian city names street 'Steve Jobs Avenue'

The proposed address of the new Foxconn iPad manufacturing factory will be on a street recently renamed after the late Apple co-founder and CEO.

The small Brazilian city of Jundiai is one step ahead of Cupertino in paying tribute to Apple's late co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs. Jundiai's city council officially announced that one of its street is being renamed "Steve Jobs Avenue," according to Cult of Mac.

The avenue is the route that connects the small city to Brazil's largest city -- Sao Paulo. It also houses the proposed new address for Taiwanese-owned Foxconn's new iPad manufacturing factory. Nearby Sao Paulo is where Foxconn just opened a facility to produce iPhones.

Jundiai's city council presented the bill to rename the street in October, the day after Jobs passed away, and it was finally approved by the council on March 27, according to Forbes.

The Brazilian government granted a batch of tax and other financial incentives to Foxconn in January, which helped push the Apple manufacturer to move some of its production facilities to Brazil.

So far, Foxconn is off to a good start in the South American country. A Brazilian labor leader announced yesterday that Foxconn's record in Brazil shows it can make Apple products safely while also respecting workers' rights and providing decent wages. According to Cult of Mac, three other Foxconn factories to manufacture Apple products are said to be in the works in Brazil.

This story was corrected at 7:20 p.m. PT to correct the spelling of Sao Paulo and to note that Sao Paulo is Brazil's largest city, not its capital.