Box's new iOS apps boast speed, 50GB free storage

The cloud storage company's apps for iPads and iPhones adds new features like real-time search and moving multiple files at once.

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Donna Tam
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Box for iPad's photo grid. Box

Box introduced new apps for the iPad and iPhone on Wednesday, with promises of a faster, more responsive iOS experience that is still secure.

To entice users to give the new apps a try, the cloud-storage service is also offering 50GB of free storage with each download. Box has redesigned the apps to focus on the content, according to Box's head of mobile David Still.

"We want to continue to find ways to improve how people engage with their content and collaborate with each other on post-PC devices," Still wrote in a blog post. "Box for iPhone and iPad is a critical foundation for our mobile platforms, as we continue to invest in bringing speed, simplicity and amazing content interfaces to our Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8, and mobile web products."

Box for iPhone. Box

In addition to boasting faster apps, Box has incorporated some new functions, like real-times searches of files, searching text within files, and the ability to move, copy, and delete multiple files at once. The apps support more than 100 types of files, including PowerPoint, PDFs, photos and videos. To encourage the use of Box's fledgling app store, the new iOS apps will also feature a menu of recommended apps for each file.

CEO Aaron Levie spoke about the importance of focusing on content while onstage at Box's conference last year. It's a big talking point for the company, particularly because Levie thinks it addresses the need for more consumer-friendly enterprise software.

Box's offer of free 50GB of storage is clearly aimed at consumers, and it's had no problem using free storage to lure new users. But, like other enterprise companies, Box knows that users who start out using the service for personal reasons will eventually help bring the service into the workplace. The company has been especially adept at riding the Bring Your Own Devices to work trend. With more companies allowing employees to bring their own devices onto the company network, a service like Box has to be easy to use as well as secure.

Check out a video of the new app below.