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Dreaming of a new 787

Boeing's newest Dreamliner aircraft, the 787-10, made its debut this week at the company's factory in South Carolina.

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There ain't no party like a new-airplane party, which is just what happened Friday when Boeing introduced its newest commercial aircraft, the 787-10.

The rollout, as these events are called, occurred at Boeing's factory in Charleston, South Carolina, which opened just over three years ago. President Donald Trump and South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster attended as thousands of the plant's employees greeted the aircraft.

The 787-10 is the third version of Boeing's 787 Dreamliner, which first started flying passengers in 2011. Like its siblings, the aircraft is made of composite materials and characterized by high fuel efficiency, a blunter nose and sharply swept wings. But at 18-feet (5.5 meters) longer than the 787-9, it can carry 40 additional passengers in a typical configuration and 15 percent more cargo.

In a statement Boeing said the 787-10 will make its first flight in the coming weeks, with deliveries starting next year. Nine airlines, including United Airlines, British Airways and launch customer Singapore Airlines, have placed orders for 149 aircraft.

Though suppliers around world build the airliner's various parts, final assembly of the 787-10 will take place exclusively in Charleston. It will be the first of the company's commercial aircraft to be produced outside Boeing's historic home base of Seattle.

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