BodyMedia FIT armband to use Sprint's 3G network

Sprint will unveil a suite of apps for its Android-based phones at CES this week that will allow users to crunch the numbers coming out of their BodyMedia armbands.

Elizabeth Armstrong Moore
Elizabeth Armstrong Moore is based in Portland, Oregon, and has written for Wired, The Christian Science Monitor, and public radio. Her semi-obscure hobbies include climbing, billiards, board games that take up a lot of space, and piano.
Elizabeth Armstrong Moore

Once upon a time, we mortals could make resolutions and, as quietly as we wanted, get busy ignoring them. Those days are numbered. Which is a good thing for personal health and wellness, right?

This week, Sprint gets more heavily involved in the your-phone-knows-when-you're-lying game by partnering up with BodyMedia, enabling the FIT armband to transmit such personal data as vital signs and sleep patterns using Sprint's 3G wireless network.

To mark the occasion, Sprint will be showcasing its suite of apps (dubbed the Sprint ID BodyMedia Pack) for its Android-based phones at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. The apps are intended to make sense of the data collected by the armband, as well as to enable users to set goals, create workouts, and track progress in excruciating detail.

"Embedded devices with always-on Internet connectivity represent the obvious evolution for many of today's Wi-Fi- and Bluetooth-enabled devices," says Wayne Ward, vice president of Emerging Solutions at Sprint. "We are pleased to assist BodyMedia in the development of these next generation mobile health solutions."

The BodyMedia ID pack will be available in the first half of 2011; the new wireless embedded products will be launched this year.