BMC expands management tools

BMC tries to make it easier for corporations to oversee internal and external data via a series of new database management tools.

CNET News staff
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BMC Software (BMCS) is trying to make it easier for corporations to oversee internal and external data via a series of new database management tools.

Administrators will be able to manage database schema changes, check database integrity, and receive reorganization and statistical information and updates via a central console. All of the tools have components that reside on the database server and the central BMC Patrol enterprise management console.

With the growth of Internet and intranet technologies in corporate environments, management of data used internally or viewed by the outside world has become increasingly important.

"A core component [of the Internet and intranets] is the back-end database, and you need to be able to manage that," said Wayne Morris, BMC's director of corporate strategy.

The enterprise application management company, based in Houston, Texas, announced four new products for managing Oracle databases from its Patrol enterprise management suite: DB-Change Manager, DB-Integrity, DB-Reorg, and DB-Stats. These products will soon be taken to other database platforms, according to Morris.

Once the tools are cross-platform, an administrator can implement a change currently available only to Oracle databases across an entire set of databases from a variety of vendors from a central console. Administrators will be able to alter or change the structure of these dispersed, heterogenous databases without fear of corrupting the data, Morris added.

Users can also gather data from the databases, reorganize the platforms, and discover invalid links or objects that are contained in a database.

BMC also announced two entry-level administration tools for Informix databases: DB-Basics Admin and DB-Basics Utilities. These tools are offer low-end administrative functionality while increasing database staff productivity.

Two more products, DB-Alter and DB-Voyager are renamed versions of MetaDesk and MetaManage. The products now support a wider variety of databases.

DB-Voyager and DB-Alter support Oracle, Informix, Sybase, and DB2 for IBM's MVS, AIX, and OS/2 operating systems. Support for Microsoft's SQL Server is expected soon.

Patrol's DB-Change Manager, DB-Integrity, DB-Reorg, DB-Voyager, and DB-Alter are available now. DB-Stats will be available next month. The tools have prices ranging from $285 to $3,505.

DB-Basics Admin and DB-Basics Utilities will be available by December with prices starting at $1,460 for each set.